Hi there boardgamers,

Who am I?ImageAuthor
My name is Sarah, 26 years young, married and living in a small town called Haacht, Belgium.
Little bit shy, playing boardgames, writing code, watching series,  frequently visiting a gamestore.
And oh did  I already mentioned I’m a Boardgame-Enthousiast??

Another boardgame blog?
No, I’ll do my very best to give a fresh, new view on the already wonderfull world of boardgames.
I just want to share my own experience and help you to find some new and challenging boardgames.

What will you get?
Reviews about the newest games in boardgame planet, must have games in your collection and become a new boardgame enthousiast!

If you have questions, requests or just want to know me a little bit better, please contact me.

And don’t forget to play games!

Life is more fun if you play games. ~Roald Dahl